Think Again.


If these things will make him happy, then I should do them.

Pathetic Love

Should I keep on going?

Messed Up

Life has just gotten way rougher.

A Weak Constitution

I still want to be stronger.

To Be of Worth

I suck but I know I can’t settle for this.

How Different Am I

The way you treat other girls and me.

Just the Thought

Should I even be in a relationship?

Just Being Nice

Keeping up with someone you dislike

Trusty Earphones

And I never leave the house without them.

A Shocking Discovery

He’s a different kind of star.

The Matter with Age

My opinion on a certain age gap.

Being an Astronaut

Why am I studying politics again?

Just got Lawyered

Beware of law school.

Like attracts Like

Finding a similar version of you.

Mysteries of Space

Thinking of an alternate universe.

Rare Pokemon

She comes once in a blue moon.

Beware of Glasses

Wearing glasses adds charm and appeal.

A Sort-of Harem

It isn’t love, is it?

Hate at First Sight

I don’t judge, but we’re obviously never getting along.

Quiet, Little Me

Having low self-esteem sucks.

Forbidden Romance

I just found an idea for a creative non-fiction novel!

Stressed Out

When enough is enough and you just need to procrastinate.

Writing Tragedies

Death is inevitable but people learn from it.

Excuses & Assumptions

Assumptions lead to disappointment.

Childhood Nostalgia

Makes you wish you were a kid again, huh?

Not Going Anywhere

I know where I belong.

Lonely Girl

Because misery loves company.

Odd One Out

Being hard on yourself is not good.

Lonely Boy

If only you would notice me again.


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