A Sort-of Harem

We all know that one guy who every girl admires and desires to be her boyfriend. But in the org I’m applying for, it’s the opposite. Meet this one guy who has six (or was it eight?) girls for whom he has publicly declared his infatuation for. I think that wherever the guy goes, he would always find someone to have a crush on. I don’t think that’s bad (I mean, I have many crushes too), but what I’m trying to say is, why declare it? Not only to the girl, but to everyone else in the org. I did like the guy, though, and to be honest I had a crush on him. But after realizing  that he likes more than just one girl (and tends to broadcast this to other people) I lost interest in him. Would a girl really want to be a part of a guy’s whimsical harem? To be just “one of his girls”? Wouldn’t a girl want to be the guy’s “one and only”? This isn’t a polygamous country, and even if he was a Muslim, I still wouldn’t want that kind of relationship.  I get jealous easily. Hah! This guy also needs a story of his own. I have to write it down someday.


Onegai!!! I need your comment ^_^

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