Childhood Nostalgia

Even now I get this nostalgic feeling whenever I watch old, animated Disney movies like The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Anastasia, Tarzan, Hercules, The Jungle Book, and The Lion King. What really takes me back to my childhood years is when I listen to the songs used in the movies, most of which are now considered classics. Since Disney channel had newer shows by the year, it was rare for them to show those kind of movies so I resorted to a monthly hunt at local record stores to buy the original DVDs. Call me childish, but I really love collecting whatever comes in CDs. Surely others out there might say, “Why not download it instead?” Well, you see, I love the feeling of holding that DVD case up and admiring the cover. Then I take the CD out, all glinting and smelling brand new, making me even more excited to insert it in the CD tray and watch it in HD, sometimes coming with extra, deleted scenes or interviews with the cast. After finishing the movie, I rest assured that any time I want to watch it again, I have it on-hand, unlike when it’s just a file on a computer and shit happens like a virus starts messing with Windows and demands a total reboot of your laptop, well, no doubt it’s a bye-bye until you bother downloading it again.


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