Forbidden Romance

Ben Singkol is a creative non-fiction novel by one of my favorite Filipino authors, F. Sionil Jose. I have great respect for this man. The narrative he made has really conveyed emotions of nostalgia and joy; I can visualize all the events in his story that were so artistically written. If I write one then I’m setting it during the period of Japanese invasion. My grandmother was well and alive during those times so maybe I can use whatever insight and memories she has during those years. What if I turn it into a romantic tale between a young Filipino woman and a fearful Japanese man? I’ve read about “comfort women”. Let’s say that this one woman is one of them. Enter a young Japanese recruit in the army who firmly believes that using women for sex is a kind of demoralization. He turns away from his comrades, escapes with the woman from camp, and goes on the run from Filipino rebels who harbour hatred against the Japanese. This will be followed by a retelling of the events that happened during the war. I did say I love tragedies, right? Maybe I could use that and have them killed in the end. Or, if I get too attached to my characters, maybe I’ll just arrange a happily ever after… AFTER sixty years. AWESOME. I just got an idea for my position paper after writing this entry. CW10 class is really useful. Ahhh, I wish my parents would let me shift to Creative Writing.


Onegai!!! I need your comment ^_^

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