Lonely Girl

I like him because I’m always alone. Holing up in the library, stretching out in the lagoon, eating lunch a mile away; sometimes I have had enough of it. Unfortunately, I really don’t have anyone to hang out with on campus. I joined an org but I’m not active at all, how on earth am I going to have pals? People I get acquainted with in classes are only for short term friendships; they don’t last long. Which is why when this one guy started walking with me and waiting for me by the stop to catch a ride home, I felt really happy. I started fantasizing about those moments in a manga (Japanese comic) where the guy would offer to walk the girl home or at least, spare some time to be with her, talking, before finally departing for the day. But I stopped myself since I didn’t want to go on assuming again. I don’t want to get disappointed. Yet how can I when he keeps on doing that? He’s been my classmate for three consecutive semesters, and even during the summer semester,  we still ended up talking and walking together. Sometimes, I really want to shrug the guy off since I want to believe that there’s really nothing going on between us and I didn’t want to feel hopeful. I snapped at him before, and his face looked upset and confused. In the end, I just said sorry.


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