Mysteries of Space

I believe aliens exist. We humans have barely explored one percent of outer space. If it was possible for life to exist here on Earth, then surely there’s a chance that some other planet out there is capable of sustaining life. Black holes are a mystery too. What if something awaits you at the bottom of that hole? Can it possibly warp time and transport you into some unknown alternate reality where you will meet other versions of yourself? That would be really awesome! I would like to do that before I die. And what if you don’t actually sink into the abyss and it brings you into an entirely different world where you come out with superhuman powers? And what if aliens do exist among us and we just have no idea?!!!  I mean, all those weird people I’ve been encountering these past few months could actually be aliens! Haha! I hope I’m not talking like a mentally insane person.


Onegai!!! I need your comment ^_^

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