Not Going Anywhere

What if one day your parents say that they’re sending you to Australia where you will finish your studies and that there’s this contract that says you’ll devote your post-graduate life to work in an Australian institution?

Of course to me, it’d seem too sudden and I would be dumbstruck. Are you guys serious, I’d ask. Well, my family hasn’t entirely set out the details and I don’t really know if it’s going to happen or not, but, as much as some people might say that this would be a great opportunity to study and earn overseas, I really don’t think that would be good for me. Like I said, I wanted to graduate with my best friend here, in the Philippines, and achieve our goals together. She wants to start a magazine and I want to establish a cafe. She wants to be a part of the entertainment press and I want to be an editor for a publishing company (and also publish a novel of my own). Australia is vague. Japan, no, because I did dream of working (or just visiting) that country. Aside from that, idealistic as it must seem, I want to be of use to my country. I am a Political Science student, and though I am not quite passionate of my major, I still want to be a useful citizen and contribute to the wasted government I am in.


Onegai!!! I need your comment ^_^

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