Odd One Out

My friend tells me this every time I feel like I’m useless and can’t do anything right. I reflected on this even harder today because I felt that it can enlighten me and free me from stress. In my other class, we have a research paper that is done by groups. Maybe it’s because of my inferiority complex kicking in that whenever my group mates start planning and talking, I feel like there’s this huge wall that sets me apart from them.  I think I’m isolated from the rest of them and I could barely even grasp their ideas. I instantly felt scared that I would end up as the worst, unhelpful member of the group since I couldn’t raise proper questions nor contribute any facts. I thought of how dumb I was and how everyone’s going to end up leaving me clueless and unneeded. I tried asking questions but they seemed even dumber I still couldn’t get a clear picture of the research plan. Then again, it could also be because two of my group mates are close friends. It’s like they can already understand what the other is thinking and are able to share their ideas very easily. I guess I’m an idiot, huh? But since I really can’t do anything because I don’t understand anything (despite asking questions and getting unsatisfactory answers probably because I can’t even ask that well), then maybe I shouldn’t force myself to do something for the research (for the time being, of course). Am I even making any sense?


Onegai!!! I need your comment ^_^

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