Writing Tragedies

I just love it when the either one or both protagonists die. I’m not being masochistic here, it’s just that there are times when life can get meaningful when somebody dies. You see the rough side of life, you witness how life sucks, but towards the end, when the characters die, you realize that everything had been worth it.  Only when you end up losing someone, do you understand the beauty of life. Take for example Tuesdays with Morrie or A Walk to Remember—even Marley and Me (I shed so much tears on that one). Although they weren’t quite as dramatic as Romeo and Juliet or Julius Caeser, I still consider them as “tragedies”.   I, for one, am inspired to write stories in this genre. Just you wait, people! Someday I’m going to be an internationally acclaimed author and be a part of history!!


Onegai!!! I need your comment ^_^

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