A Shocking Discovery

There’s this guy named Ittetsu Suzuki who I thought was a Japanese model. I came across him on tumblr and I immediately had a crush on him.  After browsing through so many pictures of him of what seemed like modeling shots for a clothing line called Silk Lab, I finally discovered a very shocking fact about him. HE WAS ACTUALLY A PORN STAR. Oh my God. And this “Silk Lab” thing wasn’t a brand, or a clothing line!!! It’s a company that produces porn videos! Crap, I said, I just got infatuated with a porn star. But to be honest, he doesn’t look like a porn star at all! His face is like an angel and his pictures doesn’t have that “come and get me, you know you want me” vibe. According to one website, he was just another college student enrolled in accountancy who takes on part time jobs to pay for his tuition and living expenses before he was recruited into the porn industry. Poor guy. He could’ve made a future in some other industry that’s not porn.


Onegai!!! I need your comment ^_^

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