Just Got Lawyered

The hardest class I ever took was during the first semester of 2014. It was a class in law and our professor (who’s also a lawyer), made us read at least 10 cases per meeting. We were required to remember every argument, every clause, every motion, every court, every article (both foreign and local), and every decision. It happens that our professor loves to counter us and make us argue for ourselves. It was like we were always inside the courtroom, getting bombarded with questions. Plus, whenever there’s an issue that she wants us to defend or elaborate, she would pressure us by asking every detail and urging us to be critical on how the case was solved and why the arguments were laid out in the first place.  I learned a lot, but to be honest, our professor was a terrorist. As much as I want to take more law classes from her, she still scares me. Nevertheless, I admire her for her intellect and trash talk.

Should I go to law school…? Hmm, whenever that idea comes up, I start reminiscing on what my classmate told me: “Studying law is getting rich the hard way..”


Onegai!!! I need your comment ^_^

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