Like Attracts Like

It scares me when I find out how “similar” I am with a guy in terms of hobbies and interests. Remember the guy I mentioned before who has many crushes in the org? Well, this guy likes Vocaloid. It’s hard for me to explain what Vocaloid is, but to keep my explanation short, it’s a Japanese software composed of anime characters and voicebanks that people can use to recreate songs. He’s the first person on campus that I’ve ever met who’s into Vocaloid. Aside from that, he adores cats, plays the keyboards, and watches anime. I, on the other hand, also love listening to Vocaloids. Like him, I adore cats, play piano, and watch anime.

But on one hand, he really really loves watching “My Little Pony”. I mean, as far as I know, guys who watch My Little Ponies might either be, a.) doing it to keep a younger bro or sis company or b.) everyone in his family are girls and they’ve influenced the guy to watch My Little Pony since he was a kid. That aside, I too, used to watch My Little Pony. I was totally addicted to that cartoons and made a story out of them!! And hell, I finished that story!! That was the first ever story that I have ever finished. There was a girl (which is me) who got transported to the land of the ponies. Turns out, I was the girl of their prophecy fated to search for the other magical little ponies to save their world from destruction. But afterwards, I was exposed to WWE. So now I’m into Wrestlemania…and John Cena.


Onegai!!! I need your comment ^_^

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