Plants and Ashes

I just had a dream about that guy from the org again. I was in the Math building, waiting for my friends. We were about to have an exam when I saw the him walking by the corridor. I avoided him and hurriedly went inside the auditorium. After I was seated, he suddenly appeared and sat next to me. I started feeling all self-conscious again but I just ignored him. During the exam, I made the mistake of taking out a dictionary, so when my professor saw me, he thought I was cheating and snatched the dictionary away from me. The prof gave me an angry stare and I saw the “guy” looking right at me. I burned with shame. So afterwards, I went to my prof who’s actually a Home Economics professor and told him I was sorry. I stared at a group of potted plants behind him and saw one pot with my name on it. The story goes that the potted plants turn out to be a project for his class so I said to myself, maybe if I burn this plant to ashes it can be enough to recompense for the wrong that my professor thought I committed. My professor ordered me to water every pot so I wasn’t able to burn the plant right away. In the end, I just went home. That was when my dream went fast-forward. In the following scenario, I knew that ten years had already passed. I visited the place where the potted plants were before. And there, I saw him. The guy was standing there like he was expecting me. Behind him was a tall, leafy shrub with vines all around it. He surprised me and I felt like crying when he said, “Don’t you recognize this plant? It’s the one you planted 10 years ago. I watered it for you and cared for it until it got this big.” It overwhelmed me because 10 years ago, I wanted to burn that plant to ashes. But now it’s gotten so beautiful and so green. He was smiling at me and I was speechless. After a while, I woke up. I wrote what I could remember, and here it is now. I just couldn’t understand why I feel so sad about this dream.


Onegai!!! I need your comment ^_^

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