The Matter with Age

Just recently, my friend has been giving me copies of Japanese dramas that involved romantic relationships between an older woman (who’s around her forties) and a younger man (who’s in his early twenties). We all know that people say, “Age doesn’t matter,” and then they’d point out to Freddie Aguilar and his hot, young wife. Older men marrying younger women doesn’t startle me much. But when it’s the opposite, well, I don’t know, it sort of makes me uneasy. One of the dramas I’ve watched is Last Cinderella. Haruma Miura, for those who don’t know him, is a really hot and young Japanese actor. In the drama, he was paired with a woman who is in her late forties and acts like a tomboy.  A few years back, another one of my favorite Japanese actors (I think he’s 24 or 26) was paired with a woman in her mid-forties and even married her! This wasn’t just a drama series. It happened in real life, and I was shocked.

I’m pretty sure that even if those men weren’t my idols, I would still be frustrated over their choice in women. But on the other hand, young women marrying men  around his forties (or even fifties) doesn’t tick me off. I’m fine with it. (This thought makes me want to contemplate even further.)



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