Just Being Nice

There’s a girl who recently became my acquaintance because of a certain class we were in together. I’ve been avoiding her these days because I really don’t like hanging out with her. She makes sudden offensive remarks with a tone that’s absolutely annoying. This person would bug me every now and then on Facebook and she’s usually coming up with these ideas to make me hang out with her. I tried being nice to her, but since I’m only human, I have my limits too. She never fails to be condescending with her words and  she glares at me like I’m hiding something. Instead of dealing with her, I thought that I should avoid her instead since she’s making me think negatively and I don’t want that. But how far can I go being “plastic” with her? I earnestly want to be nice, but apparently it’s getting difficult for me to do.


Onegai!!! I need your comment ^_^

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