How Different am I

So I had this chat with a friend of mine who also has somebody she likes.

Apparently, after confessing to the guy, he said: “Can’t you see that the things I do for you aren’t any different from what I do for other girls? There’s no significant meaning to it. I think you should look at how I treat other girls to see for yourself if there’s any difference between how I treat them and how I treat you.”

That’s not verbatim, of course, but you get the gist of it right? So he’s saying that the way he treated her shouldn’t mean anything because it’s the same as to how he treats other girls. For short, he doesn’t like her. Basically, my friend is just attaching her own interpretations to the way he does things. She thinks that he does “these” things because he likes her, although in reality, hardly any of those things hold any special meaning.

My case is similar. Who is to say that the things “my crush” did for me held any special meaning? What if I’m just “another one of those girls” he acquaints himself with ? What if hanging out with me never meant anything more to him? I’ve never thoroughly observed how he treated other girls, considering that this guy that I like isn’t someone I saw on a daily basis. How do I know if I’m any different from the other girls he associates himself with? Is this another unrequited love that hangs on assumptions? I guess I shouldn’t expect much. To be honest, I just want to stop giving a fuck over these thoughts. Maybe I should accept the idea that I’m in no way different compared to other girls so that I could escape the torture of getting my hopes crushed.


Onegai!!! I need your comment ^_^

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