Hugs in the Act

It felt nice, you know? Getting hugged by the guy you like? It was nothing brief. It was long, warm, and happy. I liked the feeling. It felt safe and…well, sweet. I would’ve wanted to stay in that position for a little while longer, but nah, it’s just for a skit.

Well actually, that hugging part wasn’t really planned out. He hugged me out of the blue while we were practising. You see, I played the role of the overprotective girlfriend, and he’s my boyfriend. We filed a case against another girl who harassed him. This girl declared  that she was in a relationship with my boyfriend and that my boyfriend gave consent to the act. Of course, I got mad.I urged my boyfriend to take legal action.

During a hearing in front of the fiscal, my crush hugged me to prove our loving relationship against the other girl’s accusation . Yes it was an act, but hey, for a girl like me who’s really into him, it meant something.

Well, a bit. I mean, is it that easy for him to go hugging girls?

He’s the mysterious type. The one who doesn’t talk unless spoken too. Usually he class, he stays silent too. But when he converses with other people he knows (or he’s friends with), his aura radiates into a happy go lucky guy with a really great sense of humor. His laughter and jokes say it all.

So to be hugged by him is a big thing.

Aside from that, he grasped my hand tight and laid one arm around my shoulders. And damn, I was so caught up in the heat of the moment and actually sat on his lap during the actual performance to show that he and I are REALLY in a relationship and that I was the obsessive girlfriend. If I had bigger guts, I would’ve even laid a kiss on cheek or wrapped my arms around his waist for emphasis to our “loving relationship”.

There was also that part wherein he had to pause for a while and he looked straight into my eyes until both of us felt awkward.

Damn. I wish he becomes my boyfriend.



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