Frail Thoughts

My mind wandered as I saw the place where we unexpectedly met

I sit and look around, hoping that you’ll be there.

It’s been a year and three months when I sat next to you.

I can’t even focus while I secretly catch a glimpse of your beautiful face.

I always savor that moment every hour before we separate.

I’m always cautious on how to approach you,

Scared that you might knew what’s my heart’s intentions were

But can’t help but always stutter to everything you do.

That’s what made my heart fell.

I wonder to myself, “What if I told you what my heart felt? When the timing is right?”

I’m always holding on to that thought,

Hoping that I could still utter those words.

Whether if it’s right or wrong, weak or strong,

As desperate as a flower waiting for the rain to fall,

As weary as the eyes looking at the stars.

I’ll still let you know how much I love you

After everything that happened,

You’ll always be the missing piece my heart needs.

Bent or broke, you’ll always be my one true love.







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